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At eQurious School of Emotional Intelligence we offer range of programs, specifically designed to boost students emotional literacy. Programs include, Anger Management, Social Skills Training, Bully Prevention, Anxiety Management and Self-esteem/ Confidence Building. The skills learnt from these programs will enable your child to perform better at school, both academically and socially. Just Imagine, a child full of confidence, no anxiety or fear to perform, motivated to attend school and complete assessments, and an exemplary social leader. Just imagine this a click away! 

Students can enter the eQurious programs at any stage, but it is highly recommended for training to commence as early as possible. At each stage, an age appropriate level of training will be provided to the students. Then each year the students can move up to the next relevant stage and continue to build on the knowledge learned.

Simply think of the eQurious program like a Kindergarten student first learning numbers, and then in Grade 1 learning to add the numbers and then being exposed to subtraction, multiplications, divisions, algebra, algorithm and so on in later years.

That's why we offer our programs four terms a year, as well as school holidays . We believe that like any other skills, it is through repetition and practice that one can master the art of emotion management and turn it into a lifelong habit.

eQurious Quest for Success Stages


Emerging Leaders

(Grade K,1,2)


Junior Leaders

(Grade 3+4)


Junior Executives

(Grade 5+6)


Senior Leaders

(Grade 7+8)


Senior Executives

(Grade 9+10)

Chief Executives

(Grade 11+12)


There are two different types of programs available for students: 

Self Smart + Social Smart Programs.


Self Smart Program:

The program will specifically cover:

Anger Management

Anger is a very powerful emotion that sadly many children do not know how to express appropriately. This in turn, can disrupt family relationships, affect school performance and create a variety of psychological and physical problems. The eQurious self-smart programs allows children to learn about their anger, it's impact on self and others as well as variety of cognitive, behavioural and social tool they can use to manage their anger and impulses more effectively.

Anxiety Managment

Experiencing fear and anxious behaviour is common in almost all children. Clinical anxiety however, can negatively impact children's home, school and social functioning and long term it can be severely debilitating. The eQurious self-smart programs, helps children better understand their anxiety, its impacts and explore many ways they can develop effective coping skills and management strategies.

Motivation Enhancement

Maintaining a winning attitude, can often be difficult for many children and teens. Goal setting, time management and how to maintain optimism are some of the skills infused into the Self Smart program.


Social Smart Program:

The program will specifically cover:

Social Skills Training

The art of communication, both verbal and nonverbal way of expressing self are one skill that the children in these programs will master. Furthermore leadership skills, particularly how to become a social leader that continues to inspire and manage conflict is at the heart of the Social Smart program.

Smarter Friendship

The world is interconnected more than ever before. Therefore children are required to learn ways to appreciate diversity and cultivate opportunities across variety of settings, if they are to excel. This is what the Social Smart program is all about. Other topics covered are bully prevention programs and resilience building.


The Self Smart and the Social Smart programs are both accompanied by our Mindfulness Meditation classes.


Mindfulness Meditation:

The eQurious centre also offers a range of mindfulness and meditation classes, with the aim to improve the students cognitive flexibility, compassion and empathy and reduce their emotional reactivity.

eQurious Programs

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