Drawn from the fields of Neurosciences, Psychology, Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy and Behavioural Sciences, the aim of the eQurious organisation is to spread interest of the unknown potentials of Emotional Intelligence, also referred to as Emotional Quotient (EQ), that lies within each and every one of us.

You might be asking, "What is emotional intelligence?" We love your curiosity already! 

Well, emotions are simply just feelings. We all experience a range of them (positive and negative) on a daily basis. Emotions are known to be the driving force behind our behaviours and they influence all of our decisions (at home, school, work, etc.), both in productive and unproductive ways. 

Also because everyone, no matter what, has interactions with other people, the ability to understand others emotions allows for formation, development, maintenance and enhancement of close personal relationships and can lead to further successes and fulfilment. 

EQ is the ability to identify, understand, use, manage and control emotions in productive ways. It’s also the capacity to empathise with others, recognise their feelings, communicate effectively, overcome challenges and defuse conflict. 

In this day and age, where the world is so immensely interconnected, it is well-documented that it’s those with a higher EQ who are thriving at school, work, in relationships, and in leadership roles, rather than those with the highest IQ who simply get good marks on their assignments.

Despite having this knowledge, it is frustrating to see that there are still significant amount of parents, educators, leaders within private and government organisations, equate intelligence to academia and future success. Sadly these individuals are robbing the future generation of enormous progress, through their lack of EQ nurturing.

We are here to change this view and embark on the quest to make a difference. Unlike IQ, which does not change significantly over a lifetime, EQ can evolve with training. Whilst the emotional skills can be upgraded at any stage of life, the earlier you start, the more benefits it has, and the skills will become embedded habits.  

Vision & Mission


Our vision is to inspire children to develop mind of steel + hearts of gold.

Our mission is to be world’s leading educational and research centre for Emotional Intelligence. 



Our values are:


We infuse curiosity in all that we do to ensure greatness is delivered to our clients at all times.  


We embrace creativity. We know creativity inspires ideas, and ideas that are aligned with persistence and action, change the world.  

Customer focus

Our clients are at the heart of everything we do and we commit to infuse excellence into our services.


The highest calling of our profession is to provide comfort and be empathetic to those who connect with us and seek guidance.


We build trust and progress through collaboration. We encourage diverse perspectives and share information, ideas and resources in order to help our client reach their highest potential.