Anna Medes is a trained Clinical Psychologist as well as an Educational & Developmental Psychologist with interest and background in the field of Neuroscience. During her work in the private and public sectors, she recognised that there are many people struggling with managing their emotions, and unaware of the importance of EQ. For the last decade, Afsaneh has been working on the eQurious programs with the aim to offer world-class, evidence-based EQ training.


Arezu Jolan is a trained Early Childhood Educator, NLP practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Meditation Teacher. Arezu is passionate and works closely with children, schools and parents to promote mental health wellness. As a working mother, Arezu has experienced the frustration that caregivers experience on a daily basis, such as being bombarded with mixed messages from a range of resources about how to effectively raise happy and productive children. Over the years, she has developed a range of evidence-based practical tools for parents and teachers on how to deal with the daily challenges of raising a child, and how to best look after themselves.  


Meray Tahan is a registered Psychologist who is a dedicated and highly motivated professional. She has research skills and practical experience with human performance in applied psychology, psychological assessment, behavioural analysis and developmental psychopathology. Meray was also part of the NSW Government of Attorney General (Youth Justice Conferencing) and (Forum Sentencing) on a restorative justice level with young and adult offenders. In her work with the young offenders, Meray has also become frustrated with the poor level of early intervention programs available to assist with better managing emotions. She has been working closely with the eQurious team on developing parent training and emotion management programs, with the hope of assisting mental health development.